Nais N Izi

Hi, I am Nais N Izi

Interdisciplinary Creative

Nais N Izi, hailing from Puerto Rico, is a unique interdisciplinary artist with a knack for fusing music and visuals. Holding a Bachelors degree in Recording Arts and honed skills in photography, Nais excels in producing music that is simple, yet sounds elaborate as well as creating captivating photos. With a unique approach, Nais crafts art that’s both accessible and emotionally deep. Nais’s musical nomad spirit fuels a passion for creating soul-stirring global art. Through his work, Nais etches timeless auditory and visual narratives

  • Name : Brandon Camacho Cruz
  • Language : Spanish, English
  • Experience: 8+ Years
  • Availability: Looking for the next project to be a part of.
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